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Twenty-five patients with late-onset Huntington's disease were studied; motor impairment appeared at age 50 years or later. The average age at onset of chorea was 57.5 years, with an average age at diagnosis of 63.1 years. Approximately 25% of persons affected by Huntington's disease exhibit late onset. A preponderance of maternal transmission was noted in(More)
The effect of maternal transmission on age at onset of Huntington's disease (HD) was examined in 100 unrelated pedigrees. The age at which abnormal movement disorder first appeared could be estimated in 238 patients. More than twice as many of the late-onset cases (age 50 or later) inherited the HD gene from an affected mother than from an affected father.(More)
The proportion of deaths attributed to suicide was examined among 506 deceased individuals with diagnosed or suspected Huntington's Disease from New England USA. Comparison of this proportion with that of the general population indicated that the odds of a death being due to suicide in the Huntington's disease group is 8.2 times that of the Massachusetts(More)
In Tanzania, drug-resistant malaria parasites are an increasing public health concern. Because of widespread chloroquine (CQ) resistance Tanzania changed its first line treatment recommendations for uncomplicated malaria from CQ to sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine (SP) in 2001. Loss of SP sensitivity is progressing rapidly. SP resistance is associated with(More)
BACKGROUND Hand eczema (HE) is a common occupational skin disease. Tobacco smoking is known to be associated with adverse cutaneous effects. However, its influence on the prognosis of occupational HE has not yet been studied. OBJECTIVES To evaluate relations between smoking status, severity and prognosis of occupational HE in patients taking part in an(More)
Patients with genital prolapse and occult stress urinary incontinence (OSUI) are typically treated with prolapse surgery and anti-incontinence surgery based on either a one-step approach or a two-step approach. The aim of our study was to determine whether anti-incontinence surgery is necessary based on the occurrence of OSUI in a study cohort with a long(More)
Fifty-five individuals at 50% risk of inheriting Huntington disease (HD) were given in-depth structured interviews to survey attitudes toward use of a predictive test and to assess the possible impact of such a test on the number of gene carriers born. Three-quarters of the sample said they would take predictive test. Given a positive predictive or prenatal(More)
Analyses of father-offspring and mother-offspring similarity in onset age suggest that nuclear genes account for a significant portion of the modification of onset age in Huntington disease. The effects of non-nuclear modifiers are supported by the finding that the offspring of affected women have significantly older mean ages of onset than offspring of(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate sexual function among German urogynecological patients compared to a control group without urogynecological symptoms, using the validated German version of the Australian pelvic floor questionnaire. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective study including 313 women divided into five subgroups: women with stress urinary incontinence (SUI),(More)