Mirjam Beyeler

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BACKGROUND Imiquimod, an immune response modifier that is used topically to treat different types of skin cancer, induces the production of proinflammatory cytokines that stimulate an antitumor immune response. We assessed characteristics of the imiquimod-induced immune activation in epithelial and lymphoproliferative neoplasias of human skin. We focused on(More)
Mesenchymal tumors are a heterogeneous group of tumors often arising in the skin and soft tissue. The tumors have been reclassified by the WHO in 2002. Benign mesenchymal tumors are about a hundred times more frequent than malignant mesenchymal tumors. Clinically, mesenchymal tumors often present as skin-colored nodes. Overall, elderly persons are more(More)
Cutaneous T-cell lymphomas are a heterogeneous group of lymphoproliferative disorders, characterized by the accumulation of clonal lymphocytes in the skin. Skin-directed therapies are the preferred first-line modalities. There are interesting new developments in topical therapy using retinoids and gene-therapy products such as adenovirus- interferon(More)
Cutaneous lymphomas are uncommon. They must be distinguished from secondary skin manifestations of primary nodal lymphomas. Primary cutaneous lymphomas are divided into B-cell- and T-cell cutaneous lymphoma and commonly have good prognosis. Therapy is based on the stage of the disease. Since cure is not possible, the aim of treatment is to control the(More)
Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma represent a heterogeneous group of diseases characterized by skin invasion of monoclonal T-lymphocytes. These cutaneous T-cell lymphomas are divided into 3 groups based on clinical, histological and immunohistological characteristics: Indolent with a survival time of over 10 years, aggressive with a survival time less than 10 years(More)
BACKGROUND Early detection of melanoma recurrence is essential for the patient's prognosis. The serum S100 level may be a useful tool to detect relapse early. OBJECTIVE To compare the efficacy of imaging techniques and serum S100 in the early detection of melanoma progression. This is the first report of a comparison of a serum marker with an imaging tool(More)
BACKGROUND Combination of temozolomide (TMZ) with nonpegylated interferon alfa is associated with increased efficacy in terms of response rates compared with monotherapy. A multicenter phase II study was carried out to assess the activity and toxicity of TMZ plus pegylated interferon alfa-2b (peg-IFNalpha-2b), hypothesizing improved efficacy due to modified(More)