Mirja Schulz

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INTRODUCTION Since the introduction of DRGs (diagnosis related groups) 2004, the septorhinoplasty, regardless whether an open or closed approach is chosen or whether orthotopic cartilage or autologous cartilage is required and whether a complex deformity (patients with cleft palate) or post-traumatic deformities are treated in the adult all procedures are(More)
In a retrospective analysis of the autopsy material (n = 5,767) of the Institute of Legal Medicine of the Hanover Medical School covering the period of 1998-2007, all aquatic fatalities were evaluated, categorized and systematically compared under epidemiological and forensic criteria. The total of 156 cases of death by drowning (2.7 % of all autopsies)(More)
BACKGROUND The open approach via the transcolumellar incision exposes the nasal cartilaginous and bony framework and allows a well-arranged correction in technically complex reconstructions. The aim of the study was to show the satisfaction of the patients concerning the quality and the acceptance of the columellar scar. MATERIAL AND METHODS In this(More)
BACKGROUND According to recent statistics more and more elderly patients are hospitalized due to epistaxis and need anticoagulation. Aim of the present study was to investigate if it was more complex to treat anticoagulated patients than non-anticoagulated patients, if these patients needed a longer hospital stay and to characterize the study population in(More)
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