Mirja Rantanen

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The second chromosome inversion In (2L+2R) Cy in a heterozygous condition was studied for its effect on frequency and interference of crossing over in three different regions of the X chromosome of Drosophila melanogaster. A significant increase in crossing over frequency was observed in the proximal and distal regioins of the X chromosome while in the(More)
Analysis of the interchromosomal effects of In(2L+2R)Cy, In(3L+3R)LVMand their joint effect on the frequencies of single and double crossovers in the cv-v-fregion of the X chromosome as well as interference showed that both inversions, occurring separately, increased the frequency of single as well as double crossovers and the coefficient of coincidence.(More)
Temperature sensitive experiments on the interaction of Abruptex mutations of the Notch locus and Enhancer of split indicate that the effect of temperature on the development of macrochaeta and wing venation is different. This suggest that Notch affects the development of macrochaeta and wing venation in different and independent ways being in accordance(More)
Brood pattern analysis of the effect of a heat shock (35°C 24 h) given to the parental females in presence and absence of In (2L + 2R) Cy in heterozygous condition in the second chromosome on recombination and interference in the cv − v − f region of the X chromosome showed the following: (i) In the absence of the inversion recombination frequencies in both(More)
A selective method was developed, based on negative complementation of the Abruptex alleles of the Notch focus, for studying primary sex chromosome non-disjunction in females and males of Drosophila melanogaster and X-Y exchange in males. The results show that the frequency of primary non-disjunction of structurally normal X chromosomes was lower than the(More)
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