Mirja Johanson

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A new content analysis method for systematically describing the phenomenology of subjective experiences in connection with partial epileptic seizures is described. Forty patients provided 262 descriptions of subjective experience relative to their partial epileptic seizures. The results revealed that subjective experiences during seizures consist mostly of(More)
Exercise protocols designed to improve muscle function and athletic performance are continually developed and revised, often without published research supporting their efficacy. This study compared the effects of isokinetic (IKN) and accommodative isotonic training in the individualized, dynamic, variable resistance (IDVR) mode. Twenty-seven teenage(More)
The present study introduces concepts and methods that can be used in the systematic psychological study of a seizure, to gain more insight into the seizure as it is experienced by the patient and the significant other. Fourteen patients reported 40 descriptions of their subjective experiences during complex partial seizures. We analyzed the descriptions(More)
Epilepsy research suffers from a deficiency of systematic studies concerning the phenomenology of the contents of consciousness during seizures, partially because of the lack of suitable research methods. The Phenomenology of Consciousness Inventory (PCI), a standardized, valid, and reliable questionnaire, was used here to study which dimensions of the(More)
Limited ankle dorsiflexion passive range of motion (DF PROM) has been associated with lower extremity overuse injuries. Therefore, clinicians often prescribe stretching exercises to increase ankle DF PROM. However, there is limited evidence to indicate if any particular gastrocnemius stretching exercise results in greater improvement in DF PROM. The aim of(More)
Despite the complexity and methodological difficulties in defining the concept of consciousness, it is a central concept in epileptology, and should thus be tractable for scientific analysis. In the present article, a two-dimensional model consisting of concepts related to the level and the contents of consciousness will be presented. This model has been(More)
The effects of piracetam (Nootropil, UCB6215) on mental functions and on regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) were investigated in eight patients in the presenile age who displayed symptoms of moderate dementia. The double-blind crossover design included nine measurement occasions, each involving rCBF measurement by the 133-Xe inhalation method, ratings of(More)
Izvleček Lastne izkušnje o epileptičnih napadih so osnovna infor-macija o tem, kako je imeti epileptični napad. To znanje je pomembno za izobraževanje bolnika, samonadzor epileptičnih napadov in nujno za razvoj ustreznih terape-vtskih ukrepov, ki temeljijo na bolnikovi perspektivi. Z raziskovanjem izkušenj bolnikov pospešujemo nadaljnje raziskave o(More)
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