Miriam Teresa Paz Lopes

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Based on the notion that inflammation favors tumorigenesis, our experiments comparatively assessed the influence of acute and chronic inflammation on the development of a murine mammary tumor (4T1). In addition, we characterized angiogenic and inflammatory markers in the tumor tissue and systemically. Subcutaneous implantation of polyether-polyurethane(More)
Novel organobismuth(V) and organoantimony(V) complexes of Ph3ML2 type were synthesized, in which L = deprotonated 2-acetylbenzoic acid (2AcBH), 4-acetylbenzoic acid (4AcBH) or 5-acetylsalicylic acid (5AcSH) and M = bismuth(V) or antimony(V). Complexes [Ph3Bi(2AcB)2] (1) [Ph3Sb(4AcB)2] (2), [Ph3Bi(4AcB)2] (3) and [Ph3Sb(5AcS)2(.)CHCl3] (4) were characterized(More)
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