Miriam Struchiner

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This paper describes the Course on Decentralized Management of Human Resources in Health Care, which is an Internet-based distance learning program to train and provide continuing education for health care professionals. The program is an initiative of the Pan American Health Organization, and it was organized in response to the growing need for(More)
A case of web-based collaborative inquiry learning using OpenLearn technologies Conference Item How to cite: Tractenberg, Leonel ; Struchiner, Miriam and Okada, Alexandra (2009). A case of web-based collaborative inquiry learning using OpenLearn technologies. In: m-ICTE2009 V International Conference on Multimedia and Information and Communication(More)
This work describes the use of a virtual learning environment (VLE) applied to the biochemistry class for undergraduate, first-year medical students at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. The course focused on the integration of energy metabolism, exploring metabolic adaptations in different physiological or pathological states such as starvation,(More)
Parameters must be defined for presenting and handling scientific information presented in the form of teaching materials. Through library research and consultations with specialists in the health sciences and in graphic arts and design, this study undertook a comparative description of the first examples of scientific illustrations of anatomy and the(More)
This study sought to analyze senior dental students' cognitive structure concerning the topic of "enamel", which is fundamentally important for understanding oral health, since it offers basic scientific concepts for clinical and preventive practices and is the main subject of several courses during dentistry training. The strategy used to analyze students'(More)
The objective of this study was to analyze first-year UFRJ medical students' perceptions about the implementation of a blended learning (BL) experience in their Biochemistry I course. During the first semester of 2009, three Biochemistry professors used the Constructore course management system to develop virtual learning environments (VLEs) for(More)
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