Miriam S. Trevisan

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Electroencephalographic cortical event-related potentials (ERPs) are affected by information processing strategies and are particularly appropriate for the examination of hypnotic alterations in perception. The effects of positive obstructive and negative obliterating instructions on visual and auditory P300 ERPs were tested. Twenty participants,(More)
Visual memory recall in hypnosis was investigated. To address criterion shift problems in previous studies, both forced and non-forced recall procedures were used. Previous methodological weaknesses with regard to hypnotizability and hypnotic depth were also addressed. Over 300 volunteers were screened for hypnotizability using the Harvard Group Scale of(More)
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico, K L Gentili, J F Mccauley, R K Christianson, D C Davis +3 others
  • 1999
Through the TIDEE (Transferable Integrated Design Engineering Education) project, assessment tools and performance criteria have been developed to quantify student achievement in the engineering design process, teamwork skills, and design communication skills. A seven-point scale describes performance levels spanning from entering engineering students to(More)
BACKGROUND Rebamipide is a gastroprotective agent with promising results against gastric damage induced by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The present study evaluated if rebamipide protects against naproxen-induced gastric damage in healthy volunteers. Changes in gastric PGE2 tissue concentration were also evaluated. METHODS After a preliminary(More)
For two years, Chapter 1 coordinators in the state of Washington periodically attended workshops and received other technical assistance concerning the use of multiple measures for selecting students into the Chapter 1 program. A survey was sent to all coordinators in the state to assess current selection practices after the two-year effort to give(More)
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