Miriam Platten

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We study the effects of a change in financial aid policy introduced by a Northeastern university in 1998. Prior to that time, the university's financial aid packages for low-income students consisted of grants, loans, and campus jobs. After the change, the entire loan portion of the package for low-income students was replaced with grants. We find the(More)
Current interest in the MUC1/EMA mucin relates to its role in malignancy, and its potential as a therapeutic target. MUC1/EMA expression has been observed in the majority of epithelioid mesotheliomas. However, little is known of the characteristics of MUC1/EMA in mesothelioma. Herein, we studied the cell surface and soluble expression of the MUC1/EMA(More)
We report a young woman with primary cerebral non-Langerhans cell histiocytosis of the juvenile xanthogranuloma family. The clinical course was complicated by extensive infiltration of cranial nerves and meninges and epi- and intramedullary spinal dissemination. Whereas the cutaneous form of juvenile xanthogranuloma is usually benign and self-limited,(More)
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