Miriam Pfeifer

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Most community-referred, ambulatory chronic alcoholics can be detoxified quickly and safety without the use of psychoactive drugs, according to our data. We believe such detoxification can be done most efficiently in a social setting, with the aid of a staff who will provide reassurance and reality orientation and who will monitor the patients' vital signs,(More)
BACKGROUND Fever is one of the most common presenting complaints in paediatrics and general practice. In the majority of cases nothing harmful is diagnosed. However, the subjective meaning of fever often varies between doctors and parents. Knowledge of the parents' concept of fever may help tailor counselling to their needs.In this study we determine 1) the(More)
BACKGROUND Childhood fever represents a frequent cause to consult a primary care physician. "Fever phobia" describes a fearful and irrational view of fever shared by many parents with different cultural backgrounds. The study aims to explain the experiences of mothers of children having a fever and to analyze the role of the mothers' cultural background(More)
The cultural background of patients and parents is increasingly recognized as a relevant influence on health behavior. This study was conducted to test the validity and reliability of a questionnaire to investigate fever concepts among German and Turkish mothers living in Germany and to develop hypotheses on important correlations between cultural(More)
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