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The aim of the examination was to gain knowledge on the incidence of Chamaeleomyces granulomatis mycosis in Veiled chameleons (Chamaeleo calyptratus), a disease which has recently been described as a single outbreak in a zoo collection. During a time period of 26 months (September 2009-November 2011) 18 Veiled chameleons presented at the clinic for various(More)
In reptiles, over the last years the importance of diseases caused by fungal infections has steadily increased. Chamaeleomyces sp. is a relatively new, but more and more relevant pathogen causing systemic mycosis in chameleons. The aim of this study therefore was to obtain information on the occurrence of these fungi in chameleons, to describe their(More)
Only two out of three ideal types of health care systems can be observed in the European Community (EC): Centrally planned systems (countries with a national health service) and systems managed mainly by associations of health insurance funds and also of providers (countries with a social insurance system). We find no country with a market-type health care(More)
The last 40 years has been a time of rapid demographic, social and economic change in most countries of the world. In Europe, the ageing of the population, a decrease in household size, and the reduced importance of parasitic and infectious diseases along with an increase in chronic and degenerative diseases are some of the most notable results of(More)
The article examines on the basic of empirical data the discrepancy between the theoretical demand and the practical role of advance directives. Often advance directives have no influence on medical decision-making in clinical care of critically ill patients. The vague language of the widely used standard living wills and the lack of physician-patient(More)
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The term "enjoyment" is used to denote a pleasurable, utility-creating activity or an act of consumption, which, however, may often be accompanied by subsequent risks, health-care costs or reduction in the quality of life. If viewed from the vantage point of health policy, we may quote several examples of consumer behaviour of this type, ranging first and(More)
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