Miriam Monica Duarte

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By the description of two cases of osteoarticular infections due toKingella kingae in two young children we sish to draw the attention of clinicians to invasive infections due to this micro-organism. Since its biological characterization in 1976,K. kingae has been increasingly reported as a human pathogen. Most common presentations are endocarditis,(More)
BACKGROUND The common occurrence of Candida spp. on the vaginal mucosa of pregnant women suggests this as the source of neonatal candidiasis. METHODS This study investigated the occurrence of yeasts on the vaginal mucosa of 100 mothers at the time of birth, and on the oral mucosa of their respective neonates, all full-term, on the 1st, 3rd, and 9th days(More)
Several methods have been presented in the literature that successfully used SIFT features for object identification, as they are reasonably invariant to translation, rotation, scale, illumination and partial occlusion. However, they have poor performance for classification tasks. In this work, SIFT features are used to solve problems of object class(More)
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