Miriam Martos Sodré Silva

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Although bats are one of the most abundant mammals in the new world and are present in virtually all ecosystems, including urban and peri-urban environments, few studies have investigated the role of these animals in the epidemiological chain of leishmaniosis. Here, we report a study of 683 bats captured in São Paulo county (southeastern from Brazil), which(More)
OBJECTIVE Kawasaki disease (KD), response to intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) therapy, and associated coronary artery disease progression have been associated with genetic polymorphisms in Fc gamma receptor (FcγR) genes. However, it is not known whether the existing gene copy number (GCN) variability relates to KD treatment response, susceptibility, or(More)
BACKGROUND Genetic variants in the inhibiting FcγRIIB mediate anti-inflammatory responses and influence IVIG refractoriness (IVIG-R). However, these variants are rare in Asian and Hispanic populations so other genes in the pathway could be potentially involved. IVIG is ineffective in mice lacking SIGN-R1, a related molecule to human DC-SIGN. Further,(More)
Summary:Evaluation of chimerism following allogeneic transplantation has been performed traditionally focusing on two cellular compartments, namely lymphoid and myeloid. However, none has been described so far to evaluate platelet chimerism. In order to achieve full chimerism in all three cellular compartments, we prospectively obtained 138 samples of(More)
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