Miriam Marquis

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Candida albicans causes oropharyngeal candidiasis (OPC) but rarely disseminates to deep organs in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. Here, we used a model of OPC in CD4C/HIV(Mut) transgenic (Tg) mice to investigate the role of polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMNs) and CD8+ T cells in limiting candidiasis to the mucosa. Numbers of circulating PMNs(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the relative propensities of oritavancin and vancomycin to induce Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) in hamster and in vitro human gut models. METHODS Hamsters received clindamycin (100 mg/kg orally or subcutaneously), oritavancin (50 mg/kg orally) or vancomycin (50 mg/kg orally). C. difficile spores were administered orally the(More)
The classical mitogen-activated protein kinases (MAPKs) ERK1 and ERK2 are activated upon stimulation of cells with a broad range of extracellular signals (including antigens) allowing cellular responses to occur. ERK3 is an atypical member of the MAPK family with highest homology to ERK1/2. Therefore, we evaluated the role of ERK3 in mature T cell response.(More)
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