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Helping or Hovering? The Effects of Helicopter Parenting on College Students’ Well-Being
Parental involvement is related to many positive child outcomes, but if not developmentally appropriate, it can be associated with higher levels of child anxiety and depression. Few studies haveExpand
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Predictors and Correlates of Adaptive Functioning in Children with Developmental Disorders
Autism is a developmental disorder marked by impairments in socialization, communication, and perseverative behavior and is associated with cognitive impairment and deficits in adaptive functioning.Expand
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Sensory and attention abnormalities in autistic spectrum disorders
Individuals with autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs) often experience, describe and exhibit unusual patterns of sensation and attention. These anomalies have been hypothesized to result fromExpand
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Empowering or Oppressing? Development and Exploration of the Enjoyment of Sexualization Scale
Sexualization of girls and women in America is rampant and has many negative consequences. Women, however, often report enjoying being sexually admired by men. Given this paradox, it is unclearExpand
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Identity in Action: Predictors of Feminist Self-Identification and Collective Action
The present study sought to explore how women's life experiences influenced their beliefs, and how those beliefs in turn influenced feminist self-identification. Additionally, we sought to determineExpand
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Predictors and Correlates of Collective Action
Social identity theory suggests that feminist identity should predict engagement in collective action on behalf of women. We examined predictors of collective action by asking female college studentsExpand
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What Makes a Feminist? Predictors and Correlates of Feminist Social Identity in College Women
What factors predict self-identification as a feminist? College women (N = 233) were given measures of feminist ideology; feminist identity development; evaluation of feminists, collectivism, andExpand
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The relationships between sensory processing sensitivity, alexithymia, autism, depression, and anxiety
Abstract The goal of the current investigation was to better understand the relationships between the three recently-developed factors of sensory processing sensitivity (ease of excitation – EOE, lowExpand
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Extraversion, neuroticism, attachment style and fear of missing out as predictors of social media use and addiction
Abstract Social media use is prevalent in today's society and has contributed to problems with social media addiction. The goal of the study was to investigate whether extraversion, neuroticism,Expand
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Feminism: What is it Good For? Feminine Norms and Objectification as the Link between Feminist Identity and Clinically Relevant Outcomes
The goal of this study was to explore the relationships between feminism and clinical outcomes, such as eating attitudes, depression, and self-esteem, employing structural equation modeling to lookExpand
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