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Single-trial spike trains in parietal cortex reveal discrete steps during decision-making
A better way to explain neuronal activity A brain region called the lateral intraparietal (LIP) area is involved in primate decision-making. The dominant model to explain neuronal firing in LIPExpand
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Encoding and decoding in parietal cortex during sensorimotor decision-making
It has been suggested that the lateral intraparietal area (LIP) of macaques plays a fundamental role in sensorimotor decision-making. We examined the neural code in LIP at the level of individualExpand
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Signal Multiplexing and Single-Neuron Computations in Lateral Intraparietal Area During Decision-Making
Previous work has revealed a remarkably direct neural correlate of decisions in the lateral intraparietal area (LIP). Specifically, firing rate has been observed to ramp up or down in a mannerExpand
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Getting directions from the hippocampus: The neural connection between looking and memory
Investigations into the neural basis of memory in human and non-human primates have focused on the hippocampus and associated medial temporal lobe (MTL) structures. However, how memory signals fromExpand
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A temporal record of the past with a spectrum of time constants in the monkey entorhinal cortex
Episodic memory is believed to be intimately related to our experience of the passage of time. Indeed, neurons in the hippocampus and other brain regions critical to episodic memory code for theExpand
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Response to Comment on “Single-trial spike trains in parietal cortex reveal discrete steps during decision-making”
Shadlen et al.’s Comment focuses on extrapolations of our results that were not implied or asserted in our Report. They discuss alternate analyses of average firing rates in other tasks, theExpand
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Neurons in Primate Entorhinal Cortex Represent Gaze Position in Multiple Spatial Reference Frames
Primates rely predominantly on vision to gather information from the environment and neurons representing visual space and gaze position are found in many brain areas. Within the medial temporalExpand
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Neural correlates and neural computations in posterior parietal cortex during perceptual decision-making
A recent line of work has found remarkable success in relating perceptual decision-making and the spiking activity in the lateral intraparietal area (LIP). Expand
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Memory System Neurons Represent Gaze Position and the Visual World
  • Miriam L R Meister
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Journal of experimental neuroscience
  • 16 July 2018
The entorhinal cortex, a brain area critical for memory, contains neurons that fire when a rodent is in a certain location (eg, grid cells), or when a monkey looks at certain locations. Expand
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