Miriam Klibansky Delgado

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We carried out a prospective study of 530 patients older than 14 years of age with brucellosis. We describe the incidence and clinical features of the focal forms of the disease, analyzing some of the possible factors associated with their appearance. One hundred sixty-nine patients (31.9%) had a focal form or complication. Osteoarticular complications were(More)
The presence of Cryptococcus neoformans was studied in bird excreta and in the air circulating in and around bird cages in the City Zoo of Cali, Colombia, between August 1994 and April 1995, using a sunflower seed agar culture medium for fungus isolation. A total of 380 samples was studied, 110 from droppings and 270 from Petri dishes placed inside (148)(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate process-of-care indicators (inappropriate hospitalisation, suitability and early antibiotic treatment) and outcome indicators (length of hospital stay, hospital readmission, ICU admission, and mortality) in the management of community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) when the SEPAR/IDSA guidelines were applied. PATIENTS AND METHODS An(More)
Some considerations about the use of carbon sources in jasmonic acid production The effect of different carbon sources as sucrose, fructose, glucose and molasses were studied in relation to jasmonic acid production. The best results were obtained with a simple medium made up by final molasses, potassium nitrate and acid potassium phosphate, without the(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of the study was to evaluate the diagnostic efficacy of Chromotitre EIA test for the diagnosis of human brucellosis and compare the same with other classical serologic test. METHODS A prospective study was performed in 50 patients with active brucellosis. Thirty blood donors, 64 patients with different neoplastic and autoimmune(More)
This paper proposes a model on the radicalness of innovation from " An Intellectual Capital-Based View " , based on a sample of 251 Spanish technology-based manufacturing firms. Thus, we examine how human, organizational, technological, relational and social capitals influence incremental and radical innovations in different way. In general terms, results(More)
This article is the second of a series of articles detailing the development of near-infrared (NIR) methods for solid dosage-form analysis. Experiments were conducted at the Duquesne University Center for Pharmaceutical Technology to demonstrate a method for developing and validating NIR models for the analysis of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API)(More)
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