Miriam Jackson

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The discovery over the past two decades of viable microbial communities within glaciers has promoted interest in the role of glaciers and ice sheets (the cryosphere) as contributors to subglacial erosion, global biodiversity, and in regulating global biogeochemical cycles. In situ or in-field detection and characterisation of microbial communities is(More)
The ability to perform microbial detection and characterization in-field at extreme environments, rather than on returned samples, has the potential to improve the efficiency, relevance and quantity of data from field campaigns. To date, few examples of this approach have been reported. Therefore, we demonstrate that the approach is feasible in subglacial(More)
Mass-balance measurements describe the difference between accumulation and ablation and therefore the annual climate response of a glacier. Such measurements are the standard observation of glacier ‘health’ and when coupled with frontal, area or volume observations can describe the dynamic response of a glacier to climate over longer time scales. Mass(More)
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