Miriam Farber

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Because staphylococcal protein A binds all the known subclasses of mouse IgG except IgG1, ethanol-fixed staphylococci were used as an adsorbent to prepare IgG1 fractions of anti-BALB/c alloantibody-containing globulins and normal globulins of the same strains. The loss of more than 99% of the IgG2 as a result of this adsorption was demonstrated by(More)
High Energy Physics, Vienna, 1968, edited by J. Prentki and J. Steinberger (CERN, Geneva, 1968). 'OS. 0 . Holmgren, S. Nilsson, T. Olhede, and N. Yamdagni, Nuovo Cimento 57A, 20 (1968). "G. Goldhaber, W. B. Fowler, S. Goldhaber, T. F. Hoang, T. E. Kalogeropoulos, W. M. Powell, Phys. Rev. Lett. 3, 181 (1959); G. Goldhaber, S. Goldhaber, W. Lee, and A. Pais,(More)
Antibody-producing cells have been identified among cells obtained from efferent lymphatic vessels, the thoracic duct, and peripheral blood. These cells, which produced plaques of hemolysis and which were quite rare (20 to 50 per million), due in most instances to 19S antibody, were located and studied by electron microscopy. Of the antibody-producing cells(More)
At various intervals, from 10 minutes to 21 days, after the injection of dysentery bacilli into the hind foot pads of rabbits the popliteal lymph nodes were excised. The cells of the lymph nodes were teased free, washed, and injected intravenously into normal rabbits. In each case aliquots of the same cell suspension were either incubated at 37 degrees C.(More)
Bacteriophage phi X 174 gene D product, a protein required for single-stranded DNA synthesis by the phage, has been purified to near homogeneity. The protein is very abundant; approximately 10(5) monomers are present per infected cell when lysis is delayed. The protein has a monomer molecular weight of 15,200 and is normally a tetramer; however, it can form(More)
XorI and XorII, two sequence-specific endonucleases, have been partially purified from Xanthomas oryzae. XorI and XorII were shown to be isoschizomers of PstI and PuvI, respectively. X. oryzae is a particularly good source of this PvuI isoschizomer because of the high yield of XorII, its simple purification scheme, and its relative stability. Furthermore,(More)
Efferent lymph of the popliteal lymph nodes of rabbits was collected 4 days after a single footpad injection of SRBC. Thin-layer agar plating was done to isolate plaque-forming cells of the lymph for electron microscope examination, and the numbers of plaque-forming cells (PFC) in cells from the lymph and lymph nodes were determined. Of 71 PFC of lymph(More)