Miriam E. Simpson

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Given evidence that individual differences on the cognitive style dimension of field dependence/independence are significantly related to sympathetically mediated cardiovascular functioning and lipid metabolism, a correlational study was designed to examine associations between Type A behavior, field dependence, and serum lipids. It was hypothesized that(More)
The synergism phenomenon has made possible the recognition of substances, which we have called "prolan-like," in a wide variety of conditions. Indeed, it has been possible to demonstrate a prolan-like material in the urine of normal men. The method has shown a wide distribution of prolan-like substances in sera and urines of non-primates without(More)
The increased gonadotropic effect obtained by combining prolan with hypophyseal extracts can be secured equally well by the use of preparations which contain high amounts of the growth or of the gonad-stimulating hormone. In hypophyseal extracts containing the growth hormone, the synergistic effects do not parallel the content of growth-promoting substance.(More)
The hypophyseal substance-the synergic factor-which gives increased gonadotropic effects when combined with prolan has been shown to itself possess a definite though slight gonadotropic activity. It produces transitory follicular enlargement within 24-48 hours, which, however, regresses at once on cessation of treatment so that by the end of the 4th day the(More)
The gonadotropic hormone of the blood of the pregnant mare has been greatly concentrated by adsorption on active aluminum hydroxide followed by elution. The preparations so obtained gave demonstrable gonadotropic effects within 100 hours in 21 day old female mice following three subcutaneous injections of 0.001 mg. in 1 cc. of physiological saline. As is(More)
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