Miriam Blanco Rodríguez

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The transfer factors (TF) for natural uranium isotopes (238U and 234U), thorium isotopes (232Th, 230Th and 228Th), and 226Ra were obtained in plant samples (grass-pasture) growing in granitic and alluvial soils around a disused uranium mine located in the Extremadura region in the south-west of Spain. Affected and non-affected areas of the mine presented(More)
A new procedure for the determination of uranium, thorium and 226Ra from the same aliquot of an aqueous sample using extractant scintillators and liquid scintillation alpha spectrometry is proposed. The procedure is designed such that the same aqueous phase can be used in all the stages, with slight modifications. The procedure is thus very simple,(More)
The activity concentrations of soil and sediment samples are determined by alpha spectrometry with a sample size usually < 1 g. Hence, a systematic and careful procedure must be followed in the sampling and pre-treatment of the sample in order to ensure that the aliquot analysed represents the activity concentration of the entire sample. Statistical(More)
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