Miriam Apaarecida Barbosa Merighi

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Objective To understand the experiences and expectations of nurses in the treatment of women with chronic venous ulcers. Method Phenomenological research was based on Alfred Schütz, whose statements were obtained in January, 2012, through semi-structured interviews with seven nurses. Results The nurse reveals the difficulties presented by the woman in(More)
This is an integrative review of Brazilian studies on evidence-based practices (EBP) in health, published in ISI/JCR journals in the last 10 years. The aim was to identify the specialty areas that most accomplished these studies, their foci and methodological approaches. Based on inclusion criteria, 144 studies were selected. The results indicate that most(More)
The chronic venous leg ulcer is the major therapeutic problem of lower limb injuries, which can trigger changes in the daily life of the person affected by it. This study aimed to understand the daily life of men who lives with chronic venous ulcers. A phenomenological study was conducted with eight men, who were interviewed during June and July of 2001.(More)
During theoretical and practical activities in clinical training areas, nursing teachers provide the bases needed for the development of future professionals. The goal is to understand the experience of nursing teachers with nursing students in clinical training areas. Therefore, a phenomenological qualitative method was chosen, and Martin Heidegger's(More)
The trajectory of this study was focused on understanding the experience of being a nursing teacher, woman and mother and reconciling work, motherhood and other daily activities. Participants were 11 women, mothers, teachers at higher education Institutions. Social Phenomenology was adopted for the analysis. The context of meanings was evidenced by(More)
Nursing care can be considered a social action that is set in the everyday world, where intersubjective relations are established and must be valued by the nurse in the different contexts in which it acts. It is a theoretical study which aimed to highlight the main concepts of the social phenomenology of Alfred Schütz's and its contribution to Nursing as a(More)
Objective: To discuss the clinical management of venous ulcers in primary health care, based on the vision of users who live with this affliction. Methods: This was a qualitative, exploratory, descriptive study, conducted with 25 adult users in treatment in the Family Health Units. Data were collected in the second semester of 2008, using a structured(More)
1 Doutora em enfermagem pela EEUSP. Professora da disciplina de Enfermagem em Centro Cirúrgico do Centro Universitário Nove de Julho. patipavan@uninove.br 2 Professora Doutora pela EEUSP. Professora da Universidade de Guarulhos-UNG. 3 Professora LivreDocente do Departamento de Enfermagem Materno-Infantil e Psiquiatria da EEUSP. Líder do Grupo de Pesquisa(More)
The authors briefly analyze the situation of maternal health care in Brazil and, based on their findings, they comment that there have been transformations in the health care model for women and families and propose some measures, including recovery of the work of the obstetric nurse or midwife (obstetriz, in Portuguese). They comment that women care(More)
In Brazil, the delivery and birth care model in Brazil has been the topic of many studies and discussions about introducing obstetric practices that take women's autonomy into account in the parturition process. Birthing Centers propose models that represent a new scenario to deliver such care. The objective of this was to understand the experience of women(More)