Miriam A. Scalco

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This paper describes the current status of development of an open-source shallow-transfer machine translation (MT) system for the [European] Portuguese ↔ Spanish language pair, developed using the OpenTrad Apertium MT toolbox (www.apertium.org). Apertium uses finite-state transducers for lexical processing, hidden Markov models for part-of-speech tagging,(More)
To produce fast, reasonably intelligible and easily corrected translations between related languages, it suffices to use a machine translation strategy which uses shallow parsing techniques to refine what would usually be called word-for-word machine translation. This paper describes the application of shallow parsing techniques (morphological analysis,(More)
This paper describes the rapid construction of a Spanish–Portuguese, Portuguese–Spanish machine translation system, starting from an existing system for the Spanish–Catalan pair, developed by the same research group. A team of four developers has produced in six months a useful system having a text coverage above 95% and a word error rate around 10% running(More)
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