Miri Stolovich

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Vertebrate TOP mRNAs contain an oligopyrimidine tract at their 5' termini (5'TOP) and encode components of the translational machinery. Previously it has been shown that they are subject to selective translational repression upon growth arrest and that their translational behavior correlates with the activity of S6K1. We now show that the translation of TOP(More)
Translation of terminal oligopyrimidine tract (TOP) mRNAs, which encode multiple components of the protein synthesis machinery, is known to be controlled by mitogenic stimuli. We now show that the ability of cells to progress through the cell cycle is not a prerequisite for this mode of regulation. TOP mRNAs can be translationally activated when PC12 or(More)
TOP mRNAs are translationally controlled by mitogenic, growth, and nutritional stimuli through a 5'-terminal oligopyrimidine tract. Here we show that LiCl can alleviate the translational repression of these mRNAs when progression through the cell cycle is blocked at G(0), G(1)/S, or G(2)/M phases in different cell lines and by various physiological and(More)
The rate of perinatal encephalopathy and the nature of its outcomes in relation to the syndrome of the acute period of the disease were studied in 102 children. Also examined were the cytochemical parameters of blood leukocytes, alkaline phosphatase of neutrophils, acid phosphatase of lymphocytes, succinate and alpha-glycerophosphate dehydrogenase of(More)
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