Mirghani Abd El Rahman Yousif

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OBJECTIVE This study was set out to assess health care providers' knowledge, attitude and practice towards hepatitis B virus infection (HBV). METHODS A cross sectional study was carried out, in four public hospitals in Wad Medani, Sudan. Anonymous pre-tested questionnaire was completed by 295 different health care providers. The response rate was 100%. (More)
AIM/BACKGROUND The methods of instruction in pharmacy education are crucial and meant to suit the professional development and encompass the advanced variety of services and functions provided by the pharmacists to serve individual patients. The aim of this study was to determine the students' opinions on the adopted and preferred methods of instruction in(More)
Background Antibiotic prophylaxis is effective at reducing the risk of postoperative infection for nearly all types of surgery. Objective To audit the use of prophylactic antibiotics for elective surgery. Setting Khartoum Teaching Hospital, Sudan, a 1,000 bed tertiary level hospital. Method A prospective study was conducted over a 9 month period; patients(More)
Pharmaceutical representatives are an important promotional tool for pharmaceutical companies. This cross-sectional, exploratory study aimed to determine pharmaceutical representatives' beliefs and practices about their professional practice in Sudan. A random sample of 160 pharmaceutical representatives were interviewed using a pretested questionnaire. The(More)
Purpose: This study was conducted to audit prophylactic antibiotic use and to quantify the rate of wound infection. Methods: Across-sectional prospective study was conducted in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department in Khartoum Teaching Hospital, Sudan during March 1st to 31st October 2010. All Patients (aged >18 years) were included. Results: Overall 725(More)
Parents’ false beliefs about signs and symptoms associated with teething have been documented in many studies around the world. This study was conducted to assess parental knowledge on infant teething process and to investigate parents’ practices used to alleviate teething disturbances. A cross-sectional survey was conducted among parents of children of 6(More)
The quality requirements of drug donation are different from those of other donated items. Purpose: To describe and assess key aspects of pharmaceutical donations in Sudan, the kinds of benefits and drawbacks associated with drug donations, and the government controlling role in the donation process. Methods: Retrospective and prospective studies were(More)
The current study was aimed to assess Saudi school students' knowledge, attitude and practice about medicines. A pretested self-administered questionnaire was used anonymously among 15-20 year-old adolescents attending tertiary schools in Taif City, KSA. A total of 1022 students completed the questionnaires. Only 15.4% of the respondents knew the medicines'(More)
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