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AIM To develop a scale to assess the severity of hepatic encephalopathy using simple dichotomic items. METHODS A list of 48 items was created by selecting items that are simple to recognize and categorize; it was applied to thirty-six cirrhotic in-patients with episodic encephalopathy, in addition to the adapted-West-Haven Criteria and the Glasgow Coma(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether participation in a regular exercise programme by patients with ankylosing spondylitis (AS) had a positive impact on their body image. METHODS Semi-structured interview and several questionnaired assessed exercise compliance, mood and other facets of disease impact. Body image was assessed using the Arthritis Body(More)
Serum B-carotene levels were measured in 52 children under 5 in Santo Domingo and their consumption of carotene-rich foods in the 2 months preceding the survey was assessed. 29 girls and 23 boys were selected at random from an outpatient clinic of a children's hospital in Santo Domingo serving low-income residents. Clinical criteria of the World Health(More)
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