Miren Nekane Bilbao

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Keywords: Harmony search algorithm State of the art Applications a b s t r a c t This paper thoroughly reviews and analyzes the main characteristics and application portfolio of the so-called Harmony Search algorithm, a meta-heuristic approach that has been shown to achieve excellent results in a wide range of optimization problems. As evidenced by a number(More)
—Millimeter wave (mmWave) communications have been postulated as one of the most disruptive technologies for future 5G systems. Among mmWave bands the 60-GHz radio technology is specially suited for ultradense small cells and mobile data offloading scenarios. Many challenges remain to be addressed in mmWave communications but among them deafness, or(More)
In vehicular scenarios context awareness is a key enabler for road safety. However, the amount of contextual information that can be collected by a vehicle is stringently limited by the sensor technology itself (e.g., line-of-sight, coverage, weather robustness) and by the low bandwidths offered by current wireless vehicular technologies such as(More)
The advent of the so-called Big Data paradigm has motivated a flurry of research aimed at enhancing machine learning models by following very diverse approaches. In this context this work focuses on the automatic construction of features in supervised learning problems, which differs from the conventional selection of features in that new characteristics(More)