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BACKGROUND There are actually becoming controversial data regarding the profiles of interleukin-17 (IL-17) in different pathogenical stages of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). OBJECTIVES To assessing the IL-17 patterns in synovium, serum and synovial fluid from treatment-naïve early RA patients and to identifying potential correlations with disease activity(More)
In the context of the human brain, the term "connectivity" can refer to structural, functional or effective connectivity. Intracranial electrical stimulation is perhaps the most direct way of investigating the effective connectivity. We propose a method of mapping the effective connectivity, revealed by the electrical stimulation of brain structures, over(More)
INTRODUCTION Hepatic stellate cells (HSC) are key-players in the pathogenesis of liver fibrosis, inducing collagen deposition and abnormal extracellular matrix remodeling. AIM The purpose of this study was to identify the stellate cells using immunohistochemical techniques and to establish if there is a correlation between the expression of stellate cells(More)
Research on mycorrhizas in Romania started some 60 years ago, first in forestry, then in agriculture and finally in horticulture. The main studies have covered the following topics: (i) The mycorrhizal symbiosis; (ii) Ectomycorrhizas in natural forest ecosystems; (iii) Mycorrhizas in agriculture and forestry; (iv) Field methods, e.g., the development and(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate functional coupling between brain networks using spectral changes induced by single-pulse electric stimulation (SPES). METHOD We analyzed 20 patients with focal epilepsy, implanted with depth electrodes. SPES was applied to each pair of adjacent contacts, and responses were recorded from all other contacts. The mean response(More)
The relationship between the main serum immunoglobulin classes (IgM, IgG) and the positive diagnostic serologic tests (hemagglutination-inhibition and complement fixation) followed up in 30 paired serum samples from patients in the course of a primary influenza infection with B virus strain, before and after treatment with 2-ME, showed actual participation(More)
Cortical direct electrical stimulation (DES) is a method of brain mapping used during invasive presurgical evaluation of patients with intractable epilepsy. Intellectual auras like intrusive thoughts, also known as forced thinking (FT), have been reported during frontal seizures. However, there are few reports on FT obtained during DES in frontal cortex. We(More)