Mirela Botezatu

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We present a novel technique that optimizes the dispatching of incident tickets to the agents in an IT Service Support Environment. Unlike the common skill-based dispatching, our approach also takes empirical evidence on the agent's speed from historical data into account. Our solution consists of two parts. First, a novel technique clusters historic(More)
Disks are among the most frequently failing components in today's IT environments. Despite a set of defense mechanisms such as RAID, the availability and reliability of the system are still often impacted severely. In this paper, we present a highly accurate SMART-based analysis pipeline that can correctly predict the necessity of a disk replacement even(More)
Configuring enterprise database management systems is a notoriously hard problem. The combinatorial parameter space makes it intractable to run and observe the DBMS behavior in all scenarios. Thus, the database administrator has the difficult task of choosing DBMS configurations that potentially lead to critical incidents, thus hindering its availability or(More)
Workflow graphs (WFGs) are control-flow graphs extended by parallel fork and join. They are used to represent the main control-flow of e.g. business process models modeled in languages such as BPMN or UML activity diagrams. A WFG is said to be sound if it is free of deadlocks and exhibits no lack of synchronization. We study the question whether the(More)
This paper shows through a case study the potential for optimizing resource allocation in business process execution. While most resource allocation mechanisms focus on assigning resources to the tasks that they are authorized to perform, we assign resources to the tasks that they can provably perform most efficiently, by mining the execution logs. This(More)
Cloud computing provides everything like a service, with the aim of offering an infrastructure and an active application platform, which is scalable and efficient in terms of cost for customers. Cloud services are quite abstract without a set of well-defined characteristics and according to user requirements, there are several solutions available on the(More)
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