Mireille Thomas

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Using an mGluR2 FRET-based binding assay, binders of the transmembrane region devoid of functional activity were identified. It is reported that slight chemical modifications of these SAMs can dramatically change activity of the resulting analogues without altering their affinities. Starting from compound 1, three mGluR2 NAMs showing also mGluR3 PAM(More)
Adult Ibsp-knockout mice (BSP-/-) display shorter stature, lower bone turnover and higher trabecular bone mass than wild type, the latter resulting from impaired bone resorption. Unexpectedly, BSP knockout also affects reproductive behavior, as female mice do not construct a proper "nest" for their offsprings. Multiple crossing experiments nonetheless(More)
Bone sialoprotein (BSP) belongs to the "small integrin-binding ligand N-linked glycoprotein" (SIBLING) family, whose members interact with bone cells and bone mineral. BSP is strongly expressed in bone and we previously showed that BSP knockout (BSP-/-) mice have a higher bone mass than wild type (BSP+/+) littermates, with lower bone remodelling. Because(More)
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