Mireille Rossignol

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Plasma membrane-bound voltage-dependent calcium channels may couple the perception of an initial stimulus to a regulated pathway for calcium influx. The activities of these channels have been shown to be very low and highly unstable but may be recruited by large-predepolarizing pulses, according to a process referred to as recruitment. By combining(More)
The trichocysts of Paramecium tetraurelia constitute a favorable system for studying secretory process because of the numerous available mutations that block, at various stages, the development of these secretory vesicles, their migration towards and interaction with the cell surface, and their exocytosis. Previous studies of several mutants provided(More)
The activity of the N-terminal activation function AF-1 of RAR alpha1 is abrogated upon mutation of a phosphorylatable serine residue (Ser-77). Recombinant RAR alpha was phosphorylated by a variety of proline-directed protein kinases in vitro. However, only the coexpression of cdk7 stimulated Ser-77 phosphorylation in vivo and enhanced transactivation by(More)
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