Mireille Galtier

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Alternate mRNA splicing of human leptin receptor generates four membrane isoforms with different C-terminal sequences. They differ by the length of their intracellular domain which include specific motifs crucial for the specificity of leptin signalling. As a step towards functional studies, we have characterized leptin receptors in human placenta from(More)
The trophoblast and vascular cell lineages have been studied by immunohistochemistry at 6 and 12-14 weeks of pregnancy. Perivillous and extravillous cytotrophoblasts were specifically stained by anti-cytokeratin 7 whereas endothelial cells were labelled by anti-CD34 at these two stages of pregnancy. Perivillous and extravillous cytotrophoblasts together(More)
Cell differentiation markers on placental villi from the first trimester of human pregnancy have been studied by indirect immunofluorescence. Fluorescence labelling with antibodies against CD34 and CD31 was conspicuous in the vascular cells. The vascular paracellular clefts were labelled by anti-cadherin-5. A few vascular cells exhibited a positive reaction(More)
Placental tight and gap junctions and their adhesion molecules were studied by immunochemistry and electron microscopy in early and term placentas in order to clarify their pattern of expression during placental development. Early syncytio-cytotrophoblast contained tight junctions with occludin and gap junctions with connexins 40 and 43. At term,(More)
Growth and morphology of hyphae grown on a synthetic amino-acid supplemented medium were compared with those grown on a control medium. Dry weight was lower in the amino-acids-containing medium and some ultrastructural changes were observed. Cell wall thickness increase, and the cultures were seen to colonize the cellophane support. These observations may(More)
Chronicity in psychopathology is indicative of a term, a decay. Chronicization only leads the way to this term. Here, chronicization is taken literally as an inscription in the time course of delusions. The mechanism of systematization seems to be a central mark in the approach to chronic delusions. It is not an alienation or an irreversible closing but an(More)
Our Au( 111)/Co/Au samples show perpendicular spontaneous magnetization for Co thicknesses t below t * = 1.2nm. Recent RHEED results are in favour of the existence of an important “strain-induced” anisotropy, helping to overcome the shape anisotropy. From the measured parameters of anisotropy and roughness, we propose a quantitative model that explains the(More)