Mireille Boyer

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Optimized acetyl esterase enzyme production conditions using Aspergillus niger ATCC 10864 in 14-L fermentation jars were determined to be 33 degrees C, 1.5 vvm aeration, and 300 rpm agitation without pH control. The acetyl esterase was purified by precipitation in 60-80% saturation in ammonium sulfate. The pellet was applied directly to a Pharmacia(More)
The conformational transitions of a small oncogene product, p13(MTCP1), have been studied by high-pressure fluorescence of the intrinsic tryptophan emission and high-pressure 1D and 2D 1H-15N NMR. While the unfolding transition monitored by fluorescence is cooperative, two kinds of NMR spectral changes were observed, depending on the pressure range. Below(More)
The Escherichia coli tryptophan repressor protein (TR) represses the transcription of several genes in response to the concentration of tryptophan in the environment. In the co-crystal structure of TR bound to a DNA fragment containing its target very few direct contacts between TR and the DNA were observed. In contrast, a number of solvent mediated(More)
The equilibrium and kinetic folding properties of a small oncogene product, P13(MTCP1), of novel topology have been investigated using perturbation by guanidine hydrochloride and observation by fluorescence, circular dichroism and two-dimensional heteronuclear NMR spectroscopy. The structure of P13(MTCP1) is comprised of a canonical filled beta-barrel,(More)
Human immunodeficiency virus Nef protein accelerates virulent progression of AIDS by its interaction with specific cellular proteins involved in cellular activation and signal transduction. Here we report the purification and crystallization of the conserved core of HIV-1LAI Nef protein in the unliganded form and in complex with the wild-type SH3 domain of(More)
In an effort to better define the molecular mechanisms of the functional specificity of human estrogen receptor alpha, we have carried out equilibrium binding assays to study the interaction of the receptor with a palindromic estrogen response element derived from the vitellogenin ERE. These assays are based on the observation of the fluorescence anisotropy(More)
The crystallization of monoacylated proteins has been investigated using a model system. Acylated derivatives of bovine pancreatic ribonuclease A, differing in their acyl chain lengths (10 to 16 carbon atoms), have been prepared using reverse micelles as microreactors. With one fatty acid moiety per polypeptide chain, covalently attached to the NH2 terminus(More)
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