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Identification of letters embedded in briefly presented words (e.g., TABLE), pseudowords (e.g., TOBLE), and illegal nonwords (e.g., TPBFE) was measured using the Reicher-Wheeler paradigm. Children diagnosed as dyslexic and showing a clear disadvantage in recognizing and reading aloud words and pseudowords (compared to chronological age-matched controls)(More)
The present proof-of-concept study investigated the feasibility of skin conductance biofeedback training in reducing seizures in adults with drug-resistant temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE), whose seizures are triggered by stress. Skin conductance biofeedback aims to increase levels of peripheral sympathetic arousal in order to reduce cortical excitability. This(More)
Parental care was analyzed separately with the PBI for both father and mother or their surrogate to assess its association with suicidal behavior (attempt or serious ideation). The study was conducted on two French-speaking samples from Montreal: the first included 2,327 high school students and the second 701 young adults (18 to 24) reached by phone.(More)
Introduction: Driving is a complex and dynamic task that requires performing simultaneously several sub-tasks, as traffic management and vehicle control. Driving involves both automatic and controlled processing depending on situation met and drivers' experience. Method: Three groups of drivers with different driving experience were submitted to a(More)
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