Mireille Bastien-Toniazzo

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Despite the unpredictability of epileptic seizures, many patients report that they can anticipate seizure occurrence. Using certain alert symptoms (i.e., auras, prodromes, precipitant factors), patients can adopt behaviors to avoid injury during and after the seizure or may implement spontaneous cognitive and emotional strategies to try to control the(More)
Emotional distress is one of the most frequently reported seizure precipitants in epilepsy, but little is known about its causes and processes. Interestingly, it is now accepted that emotional distress, such as anxiety, may be accompanied by evolutionary adaptation, or abnormal attentional vigilance toward threatening stimuli. The goal of this research was(More)
BACKGROUND Recent investigations have suggested that the occurrence of epileptic seizures is not completely random. In particular, various types of psychological changes or life events may act as triggering factors. OBJECTIVE To identify a possible link between self-perception of the impact of affective precipitants, cognitive responses modulated by(More)
It is known that novices show poor problem-solving performances and that they engage in a relatively ine$cient inferential reasoning mode. Experts show high performances in routine situations in which they only activate knowledge. The main purpose of this work was to test the hypothesis that, under some conditions, novices may develop a more e$cient(More)
A computerized version of the Trail Making Test, an adaptation of the classical paper-and-pencil form, was compared with the paper-and-pencil form. The testee must connect targets on the screen with the cursor using the mouse instead of a sheet of paper and a pen. The participants were 68 healthy adolescents and young adults. The comparison of scores on the(More)
Most studies today agree about the link between visual-attention and oculomotor control during reading: attention seems to affect saccadic programming, that is, the position where the eyes land in a word. Moreover, recent studies show that visuo-attentional processes are strictly linked to normal and impaired reading. In particular, a large body of research(More)
The McGurk effect was investigated in a group of ten-yearold dyslexic children and in two control groups of normal readers. Audio and audiovisual stimuli were presented in silence or with a masking noise. The results indicated no significant differences between the three groups for the auditory stimuli. For the audiovisual stimuli, the dyslexic group showed(More)
Schizophrenia is a widespread and severe disease in spite of an efficient pharmaco-therapy. The Programme for the Reinforcement of Autonomy and Social Skills (PRASS) we have devised is a new psycho-educational programme inspired from such techniques as psycho-education, cognitive remediation and cognitive behavioural therapy. The principle of the programme(More)
The aim of this research was to study drivers' performances and divided attention depending on their initial training. The performances of young novice drivers who received early training, traditionally trained drivers and more experienced drivers were compared during a dual task consisting of a simulated car-following task and a number' parity judgment(More)