Mireia Subinya

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The molecular ionic surface structure and charge of the electric double layer around a nanodroplet and its structural change induced by hydrophobic effects are measured using vibrational coherent surface scattering spectroscopy, second harmonic scattering, and electrokinetic mobility measurements. Tetraalkylammonium chloride salts were added to negatively(More)
Biotechnology involves applying enzymes in organic synthesis to convert non-natural substrates into enantiomerically pure products under mild reaction conditions. Non-natural substrates are often lipophilic molecules that can hardly be accessed and converted by enzymes in their natural aqueous environment. Bicontinuous microemulsions provide a spongelike(More)
Selective enzyme-catalysed biotransformations offer great potential in organic chemistry. However, special requirements are needed to achieve optimum enzyme activity and stability. A bicontinuous microemulsion is proposed as reaction medium because of its large connected interface between oil and water domains at which a lipase can adsorb and convert(More)
The paper at hand deals with the influence of the pH-value on the conformation and activity of the lipase B from Candida antarctica (CalB) which is incorporated in a bicontinuous microemulsion. The microemulsion used for this purpose consists of water/NaCl, n-octane, and the non-ionic surfactant penthaethylene glycol monodecylether (C10E5). The(More)
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