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Word-of-mouth, referral, or viral marketing is a highly sought-after way of advertising. In this paper, we investigate whether such marketing can be encouraged through incentive mechanisms, thus allowing an organisation to effectively crowdsource their marketing. Specifically, we undertake a field experiment that compares several mechanisms for(More)
Two sources of workers’pro-social motivation have been considered in the literature: actionoriented altruism and output-oriented altruism. This paper presents evidence from a …eld experiment, which aims to identify and quantify them. The idea behind our experimental design is to measure in a precise way the level of e¤ort exerted in an environment that(More)
Social Incentives Matter: Evidence from an Online Real Effort Experiment Contributing to a social cause can be an important driver for workers in the public and nonprofit sector as well as in firms that engage in Corporate Social Responsibility activities. This paper compares the effectiveness of social incentives to financial incentives using an online(More)
Peer Pressure and Productivity: The Role of Observing and Being Observed Peer effects arise in situations where workers observe each other’s work activity. In this paper we disentangle the effect of observing a peer from that of being observed by a peer, by setting up a real effort experiment in which we manipulate the observability of performance. In(More)
Minimum Wage and Tax Evasion: Theory and Evidence This paper examines the interaction between minimum wage legislation and tax evasion by employed labor. I develop a model in which firms and workers may agree to report less than the true amount of earnings to the fiscal authorities. I show that introducing a minimum wage creates a spike in the distribution(More)
Are Public Sector Workers Different? Cross-European Evidence from Elderly Workers and Retirees The public sector employs a large share of the labor force to execute important functions (e.g. regulation and public good provision) in an environment beset by severe agency problems. Attracting workers who are motivated to serve the public interest is important(More)
Experimental Evidence of Self-Image Concerns as Motivation for Giving We conduct an experiment in which subjects make a series of decisions of allocating an endowment of £10 between themselves and a passive recipient that is either a charity or the experimenter. When making these decisions subjects are informed that one of them will be chosen randomly at(More)