Mirco Tonin

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Word-of-mouth, referral, or viral marketing is a highly sought-after way of advertising. In this paper, we investigate whether such marketing can be encouraged through incentive mechanisms, thus allowing an organisation to effectively crowdsource their marketing. Specifically, we undertake a field experiment that compares several mechanisms for(More)
This paper presents results from a modi…ed dictator experiment aimed at distinguishing and quantifying the two intrinsic motivations for giving: warm glow and pure altruism. In particular, we implemented a within-subject experimental design with three treatments: (i) one, T1, where the recipient is the experimenters, which measures altruistic feelings(More)
In this paper we present evidence of self-image concerns in charitable giving using a laboratory experiment. Subjects make a series of three decisions of allocating an endowment of £10 between themselves and a passive recipient that is either a charity or the experi-menters. When making these decision subjects are informed that one of them will be chosen(More)
We investigate whether public and private sector employees differ in terms of public service motivation using a representative sample of elderly workers from 12 European countries. We find that public sector workers, both those currently employed and those already retired, are significantly more prosocial; however, the difference in prosociality is(More)
Welfare bene…ts in the Nordic countries are often tied to employment. We argue that this is one of the factors behind the success of the Nordic model, where a comprehensive welfare state is associated with high employment. In a general equilibrium setting, the underlining mechanism works through wage moderation and job creation. The bene…ts make it more(More)
This paper contributes to the policy debate on minimum wage by highlighting its role in enforcing compliance with …scal rules in economies where underreporting of earnings is widespread. First, I propose a simple model exploring the interaction between the minimum wage and underreporting of earnings. Then, I provide supportive evidence by documenting a(More)
KTI/IE Discussion Papers are circulated to promote discussion and provoque comments. Any references to discussion papers should clearly state that the paper is preliminary. Materials published in this series may subject to further publication. Abstract Import tariff receipts represent an important share of government revenues in many developing countries(More)
This paper investigates the impact of contemporary flows of immigrants on internal movements of natives and earlier immigrants across the local authorities of England and Wales. To analyse the impact of immigration, a theoretical framework where natives and immigrants are imperfect substitutes is adopted. The econometric analysis, based on the instrumental(More)
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