Mirco Schönfeld

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Due to the rise of mobile computing and smartphones, a lot of information about groups has become accessible. This information shall often be kept secret. Hence distributed algorithms for privacy-preserving distribution estimation are needed. Most research currently focuses on privacy in a database, where a single entity has collected the secret information(More)
Interest dissemination in constrained environments such as wireless sensor networks utilizes Bloom filters commonly. A Bloom filter is a probabilistic data structure of fixed length, which can be used to encode the set of sensor nodes to be awake. In this way an application can disseminate interest in specific sensor nodes by broadcasting the Bloom filter(More)
A large-scale system hundreds of millions of people encounter every day is radio. While this “system” has a tremendous reach it also is technologically outdated. Technological constraints offer great protection of listeners’ privacy but prevent radio stations from implementing modern business models like personalization and mining valueable user(More)
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