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Matrix codes enable a coupling between virtual and physical worlds for ubiquitous computing applications. With this paper, we propose a technique, which can be used to increase the amount of information contained in a matrix barcode in a backward compatible way. This enables applications to fully utilize the wide spread of QR Codes or Data Matrix Codes for(More)
Interest dissemination in constrained environments such as wireless sensor networks utilizes Bloom filters commonly. A Bloom filter is a probabilistic data structure of fixed length, which can be used to encode the set of sensor nodes to be awake. In this way an application can disseminate interest in specific sensor nodes by broadcasting the Bloom filter(More)
Due to the rise of mobile computing and smartphones, a lot of information about groups has become accessible. This information shall often be kept secret. Hence distributed algorithms for privacy-preserving distribution estimation are needed. Most research currently focuses on privacy in a database, where a single entity has collected the secret information(More)
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