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The paper presents and discusses an industrial case study, where an eight year running software project has been analyzed. We collected about 1000 daily-versions, together with the file version control system, and bug tracking data. This project has been migrated from Java 1.4 to Java 1.5, and visible effects of this migration on the bytecode are presented(More)
Data mining on software products and process metrics is hard. The relations between them are different and may vary. We present a data manipulation language called System Query Language, which partially overcomes the problems of other similar languages and allows the user to retrieve the needed information.
In many software engineering areas, such as software maintenance and software measurement, source code analysis plays a key role. It represents a fundamental step to acquire data that set up the basis for different kind of analyses. Usually, a program is analyzed through static or dynamic analysis and the collected low level program information is(More)
Code is selected through System Query Language (SyQL) [1] and it is visualized using met-rics to detect parts to be refactored:-code structure views-dependency views and analysis-code evolution views and animations Overview Eclipse RCP based tool visualizing software metrics, evolution and user stories [2]. It uses GEF to display diagrams and charts.(More)
Mining information from software products metrics and software process data is very hard[14]. Automatic collected data from the source code metrics extractors and from the software development process probes have different formats, it makes difficult to use both at the same time. In this paper, we present a data manipulation language called System Query(More)
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