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A survey of 80 opiate addicts included in a detoxification program was conducted at the Institute on Addictions in Belgrade. In addition to a dependence diagnosis and mental disorders based on DSM-III-R, we applied a Tridimensional Personality Questionnaire (TPQ) that measures the 3 major personality dimensions: novelty-seeking (NS), harm avoidance (HA) and(More)
The aims of this epidemiological population-based cohort study were to examine the prevalence of the multiple modifiable vascular risk factors, their distribution patterns and outcomes among a Bulgarian urban population. A total of 500 volunteers, 200 men and 300 women, without clinical signs and symptoms of cerebrovascular disease, aged 50-79 years, were(More)
This paper presents the use of certain statistical methods (comparison of means - independent samples t-test, multiple linear regression analysis, multiple logistic regression analysis, analysis of clusters, etc.) included in the SPSS Statistical Package used to classify the patients quantitatively evaluated after a subtotal resection of their stomachs. The(More)
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