Mircea-Florin Vaida

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The problem we address in this paper is object segmentation applied to plant recognition. The image can contain one or more plants on a natural background. More precisely, we aim to segment flowers. This approach poses several challenges, such as texture, multiple colors that form one object, natural background, non-homogeneous regions, etc. We propose an(More)
The importance of information offered by the medical images for diagnosis support can be increased by combining images from different compatible medical devices. The fusion process allows combination of salient feature of these images. In this paper we present different techniques of image fusion, our work for medical image fusion based on discrete wavelet(More)
The aim of this research is to propose a method for verifying business processes automatically generated through Web services composition. The method is based on model checking and uses Spin model checker, a tool for verifying the correctness of software models. Model checking is a powerful verification technique that can be applied to hardware or software(More)
Education and research activities are now oriented on groups to solve complex tasks and develop collaboration skills. Agile Software methodologies, psychology and spirituality elements, information technology developments offer possibilities to create dynamic and efficient groups. In education, classical grouping strategies can't be used in e-learning(More)
The aim of our research is to find an efficient solution to the services QoS optimization problem. This NP-hard problem is well known in the service-oriented computing field: given a business workflow that includes a set of abstract services and a set of concrete service implementations for each abstract service, the goal is to find the optimal combination(More)
This paper presents a technique meant for eliminating the access possibilities that web-bots can use in order to perform automatically some on-line tasks destined to the human operators. The applications that benefit from the proposed solution are client-to-business or business-to-business web distributed products. The solution refers to protecting the(More)