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INTRODUCTION Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE) are causing serious nosocomial infections. Tigecycline was evaluated in hospitalized patients with MRSA or VRE infection. PATIENTS AND METHODS A randomized (3:1), double-blind, multicentre, Phase 3 study compared the safety and efficacy of(More)
BACKGROUND Quality control of trauma care is essential to define the effectiveness of trauma center and trauma system. To identify the troublesome issues of the system is the first step for validation of the focused customized solutions. This is a comparative study of two level I trauma centers in Italy and Romania and it has been designed to give an(More)
Gallstone ileus represents a rare (0.3-0.5%), but serious complication of a common illness--the gallbladder lithiasis and the incidence of this fascinating disease has remained the same over the years. The main actual characteristics of this pathology are the age over 65, the female gender (men/women ratio 1/5:1:10--due to the high rate of vesicular(More)
Non-operative management of splenic trauma is one of the most notable advances in paediatric surgery. It should be systematically proposed except for cases of hemodynamic instability. Abdominal CT scan without and with contrast injection is essential with initial optimal management. Stay in paediatric surgical intensive care unit with monitoring can prevent(More)
One of the rarest situations regarding an adrenal incidentaloma is an adrenal cyst. We present the case of a 61-year-old male patient diagnosed with peritonitis. During surgery, a right adrenal tumor of 2 cm is discovered. The patient was referred to endocrinology. 6 months later the diameter of the tumor is 7 times bigger than the initial stage. It has no(More)
INTRODUCTION Anastomotic dehiscence (AD) is the "Achilles heel" for resectional colorectal pathology and is the most common cause of postoperative morbidity and mortality. AD incidence is 3-8%; mortality rate due to AD two decades ago was around 60% and at present is 10%. This paper analyzes the incidence of AD after colorectal resection performed both in(More)
OBJECTIVE To characterize the pattern of primary small bowel cancers in a tertiary East-European hospital. METHODS A retrospective study of patients with small bowel cancers admitted to a tertiary emergency center, over the past 15 years. RESULTS There were 57 patients with small bowel cancer, representing 0.039% of admissions and 0.059% of(More)
Gallstone ileus represents a rare complication (0,3-0,5%) of a serious, but common disease-gallstones, which affect around 10% of the population in the USA and Western Europe. Associated diseases (usually severe), elderly patients, delayed diagnosis and therapy due to late presentation to the hospital, account for the morbidity and mortality rates described(More)
INTRODUCTION Increasing evidence suggests that surgical resection may be offered to a subgroup of patients with liver metastasis of gastric adenocarcinoma. The aim of this case report is to illustrate the surgical resection of a single liver metachronous recurrence twelve months after a radical total gastrectomy for cancer. CASE REPORT A 63-year-old male(More)
Introduction. The objective of this case report is to illustrate a severe perineal impalement injury, associated with anorectal avulsion and hemorrhagic shock. Results. A 32-year-old male patient was referred to our hospital for an impalement perineal trauma, associated with complex pelvic fracture and massive perineal soft tissue destruction and anorectal(More)