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This paper proposes two variants of heuristic algorithms to solve the classic permutation flowshop scheduling problem. Both algorithms are simple and very efficient. The first algorithm is a constructive heuristic which builds the optimal schedule of jobs on the basis of a selective-greedy process. To escape the trap of local optimum points, for the second(More)
This paper presents the strategy for multi-criteria optimization of a prototype. There are taken into account two different optimization criteria. An original computer program was made to make possible the graphic display of regions on the 3D model surface, which exceed a limit for surface roughness, initial established. The computer program allows the(More)
Areas of expertise Technology Processes Optimization. Development of algorithms for solving TSP, flowshop scheduling, optimal Nesting, Development of algorithms for linear and nonlinear optimization, without/with constraints. Team and key skills Prof. Dr. Eng. Mircea Ancău: is the director of the laboratory; his field of expertise is those of numerical(More)
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