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With several candidate dengue vaccines under development, this is an important time to help stakeholders (e.g., policy makers, scientists, clinicians, and manufacturers) better understand the potential economic value (cost-effectiveness) of a dengue vaccine, especially while vaccine characteristics and strategies might be readily altered. We developed a(More)
Visceral leishmaniasis (VL) is responsible for substantial morbidity and mortality and current available treatments have many limitations. The ability of VL infection to generate life-long immunity offers promise for the development of a VL vaccine. A VL vaccine candidate has recently completed phase I clinical trials. We constructed a computer simulation(More)
Healthy children are high transmitters of influenza and can experience poor influenza outcomes. Many questions remain about the efficacy and impect of preventive measures because most existing studies report imprecise proxies of influenza incidence, do not follow subjects throughout the entire influenza season and across multiple influenza seasons, or do(More)
Photolithography of a pH-sensitive photoresist polymer was performed to pattern both lipid bilayers and proteins onto the same surface. The motivation behind this was to create a substrate mimicking an array of antigenpresenting cells. The substrate would consist of signaling ligand, biotin antiCD3, bound to a lipid bilayer in a regular array of patches.(More)
Bordetella avium (B. avium) causes bordetellosis, a disease similar to whooping cough, in turkeys and other birds. B. avium has proteins on its outer membrane called fimbriae which attach to the cilia in the turkey’s trachea. The aim of this project was to isolate the fimbrial genes in order to synthesize fimbrial proteins and to eventually create a(More)
We evaluated the War on Worms in the Western Visayas (WOW-V) school-based mass treatment strategy in Capiz, the Philippines by assessing potential determinants of program acceptance among parents, teachers, and local health and education officials involved. Written surveys were distributed to parents and teachers assessing knowledge, attitudes and practices(More)
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