Miranta Athanasiou

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Growth hormone (GH) secretion was determined by evaluating circadian GH profiles for 24 h and GH responses to clonidine stimulation test and insulin-stimulated hypoglycaemia (ITT), in nine prepubertal children with β-thalassaemia major (TM) and 17 with non-GH deficient short stature (NGHDSS). The TM children were multitransfused and had early and intensive(More)
Twenty-one children and young adults with sickle/beta-thalassemia without overt stroke were examined with magnetic resonance imaging and angiography (MRA), transcranial Doppler (TCD), visual (VEP) and median nerve somatosensory (SEP)-evoked potential recordings, and neuropsychological testing (Wechsler Intelligence Scale [WISC-III]). Eight (38%) had silent(More)
BACKGROUND There is an increasing evidence that the incidence of work-related pulmonary problems is greater in waste collectors than in the general workforce. AIMS To evaluate the respiratory health of municipal solid waste workers (MSWWs). METHODS One hundred and eighty-four municipal employees of Keratsini (104 MSWWs and 80 controls) participated in a(More)
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