Miranda van der Zeyden

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Several immobilized enzyme-based electrochemical biosensors for glutamate detection have been developed over the last decade. In this review, we compare first and second generation sensors. Structures, working mechanisms, interference prevention, in vitro detection characteristics and in vivo performance are summarized here for those sensors that have(More)
GABA and glutamate sampled from the brain by microdialysis do not always fulfill the classic criteria for exocytotic release. In this regard the origin (neuronal vs. astroglial, synaptic vs. extrasynaptic) of glutamate and GABA collected by microdialysis as well as in the ECF itself, is still a matter of debate. In this overview microdialysis of GABA and(More)
The direct local assessment of glutamate in brain slices may improve our understanding of glutamatergic neurotransmission significantly. However, an analytical technique that monitors glutamate directly in brain slices is currently not available. Most recording techniques either monitor derivatives of glutamate or detect glutamate that diffuses out of the(More)
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