Miranda Smit

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In order to gain more knowledge of the systematic changes occurring in meat tenderness and colour of different breeds and sexes of growing cattle, a number of characteristics were studied in five different muscles of Afrikaner and Friesland bulls and steers between birth and 24 months of age. Muscle collagen content of bulls was higher at birth than at all(More)
During the last 10 years a considerable number of neurophysiological and functional imaging studies have provided evidence that observation and execution of movements activate common representations. Furthermore, several behavioural studies suggest that action observation can influence the performance of movements. Recently it was shown that viewing(More)
Macular degeneration is the main cause for diminished visual acuity in the elderly. The juvenile form of macular degeneration has equally detrimental consequences on foveal vision. To compensate for loss of foveal vision most patients with macular degeneration adopt an eccentric preferred retinal location that takes over tasks normally performed by the(More)
OBJECTIVES Prior research suggests that dampening neural activity of the intact, presumably overactive hemisphere, combined with increasing neural activity in the damaged hemisphere, might restore cortical interhemispheric balance and reduce neglect. In the present study we repeatedly applied a relatively new technique, transcranial direct current(More)
CAMERO , C. M. & SMIT, MARIA, C. Relationship of Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis protoplasmic toxins to the exotoxin. Onderstep oort]. vet. Res. (1970), 37 (2), 97-104. Corynebacterium pseudotttberculosis (Buchanan, 1911) protoplasm was separated into two tox ic fractions by means of gel chromatography. Toxin neutralization tests indicated that one of(More)
In the rubber hand illusion (RHI), participants view a rubber hand that is stroked synchronously with their real, hidden hand. This procedure results in experiencing an increased sense of ownership over the rubber hand and demonstrates how multisensory information (vision, touch) can influence the sense of body ownership. However, it has also been suggested(More)
Body ownership has mainly been linked to the right hemisphere and larger interhemispheric connectivity has been shown to be associated with greater right hemispheric activation. Mixed-handed participants tend to have more interhemispheric connectivity compared to extreme handed participants. The aim of this study was to examine whether feelings of ownership(More)
Differences in meat quality traits between bulls with secondary sexual development (bulls(+), n = 10), those without this development (bulls(-), n = 10) and steers (n = 10) were investigated. All animals had no permanent incisors (A-age group). Significant differences (P < 0·05) between bulls(+) and bulls(-) were found for the cooking loss percentage of the(More)
One of the most devastating cognitive deficits following a stroke is when the patient neglects one half of the body and surroundings (unilateral neglect). Unilateral neglect following a stroke has a high prevalence and is one of the most important predictors of poor functional outcome. Various treatment methods have been studied over the past decades but(More)
Formalin-fixed samples (n = 75) of commercial boerewors (traditional farm style sausage) were examined for total nitrogen (N) and hydroxyproline (Hypro) N to assess their collagen content. Hypo N/total N x 10(3) (unaffected by residual fat) varied from 8.23 to 16.50; 3/75 (5%) of samples had ratios equal to or less than the control (8.38) i.e. sausage(More)