Miranda Sawyer

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Whereas the segmental organization of the thorax and anterior abdomen is morphologically delineated in both the Drosophila larva and adult, segments in the head and caudal regions lack such well-defined boundaries. Consequently, the organization of these regions has been difficult to decipher. In this study, transformations caused by the bithorax-complex(More)
Flux balance analysis (FBA) is a standard optimization model that is used to study the metabolisms of cells that are in a steady state of optimal growth. The model optimizes a biologically defined objective while assuming (1) equilibria of a linear system of ordinary differential equations, and (2) deterministic data. However, the steady state assumption is(More)
Bromochloromethane (BCM) is a volatile compound and a by-product of disinfection of water by chlorination. Physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) models are used in risk assessment applications. An updated PBPK model for BCM is generated and applied to hypotheses testing calibrated using vapor uptake data. The two different metabolic hypotheses(More)
The cellular composition and in vitro development of glial cultures derived from the rat CNS has been well studied. However, less information is available on similar cultures from other species, particularly higher mammals. To study ovine glial development in vitro, cultures from 50-day fetal to adult animals were characterized with various(More)
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