Miranda L. Perry

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Cocrystals, a long known but understudied class of crystalline solids, have attracted interest from crystal engineers and pharmaceutical scientists in the past decade and are now an integral part of the preformulation stage of drug development. This is largely because cocrystals that contain a drug molecule, pharmaceutical cocrystals, can modify(More)
INTRODUCTION Pharmaceutical cocrystallization has emerged in the past decade as a new strategy to enhance the clinical performance of orally administered drugs. A pharmaceutical cocrystal is a multi-component crystalline material in which the active pharmaceutical ingredient is in a stoichiometric ratio with a second compound that is generally a solid under(More)
Vinpocetine is a poorly water soluble weakly basic drug (pKa = 7.1) used for the treatment of several cerebrovascular and cognitive disorders. Because existing formulations exhibit poor bioavailability and scarce absorption, a dosage form with improved pharmacokinetic properties is highly desirable. Cocrystallization represents a promising approach to(More)
Hydrates are technologically important and ubiquitous yet they remain a poorly understood and understudied class of molecular crystals. In this work, we attempt to rationalize propensity towards hydrate formation through crystallization studies of molecules that lack strong hydrogen-bond donor groups. A Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) survey indicates(More)
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