Miranda J Sarachine Falso

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PURPOSE Human eye lenses contain cells that persist from embryonic development. These unique, highly specialized fiber cells located at the core (nucleus) of the lens undergo pseudo-apoptosis to become devoid of cell nuclei and most organelles. Ostensibly lacking in protein transcriptional capabilities, it is currently believed that these nuclear fiber(More)
BACKGROUND Recurrence is a common problem in bladder cancer; this has been attributed to cancer stem cells. In this study, we characterized potential cancer stem cell populations isolated from three cell lines that demonstrate different responses to cisplatin. MATERIALS AND METHODS The ALDEFLUOR® assay was used to isolate cells from TCCSUP, T24, and 5637(More)
Investigators of bioagent incidents or interdicted materials need validated, independent analytical methods that will allow them to distinguish between recently made bioagent samples versus material drawn from the archives of a historical program. Heterotrophic bacteria convert the carbon in their food sources, growth substrate or culture media, into the(More)
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